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Set of interactive fish (5 pcs.)

Alkuperäinen hinta oli: 150,00€.Nykyinen hinta on: 89,00€.

Set of interactive fish (5 pcs.) 150,00 Alkuperäinen hinta oli: 150,00€.89,00Nykyinen hinta on: 89,00€.

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Encourages active play

  • This walking fish moves in various directions in all directions, causing the child to laugh and be interested in this toy . It is an energetic and fun-filled toy that provides countless positive emotions to every child . Interactive toys are not only entertaining for children, but at the same time they encourage recognition of shapes, movement, colors, fine motor skills and communication ;


  • High quality plastic. Safety is the main and most important factor, so this interactive toy is made of quality plastic that meets safety requirements.  Without BPA, lead and other harmful additives ;
  • Easy and simple to use. Every child will be able to use this interactive toy! Turn the spring clockwise and place the toy on a flat surface . Watch how the toy jumps and moves happily in all directions;

  • An ideal gift for children. Interactive toys are a great gift for growing children. This walking fish will bring special joy, laughter and interest! The assured quality of the toy guarantees a long service life. 


  • Material:  high quality plastic;
  • Weight: 50 g;
  • Color : Random.


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